Level Up Your Life

Level Up Your Life

Book Title: Level Up Your Life

Author: Chip Heath

Format: Hardback | 288 pages

Publication Date: 12 Jan 2016

ISBN-13: 9781623365400

Level Up Your Life teaches readers how to change their lives and begin collecting real world experiences that are as amazing as video gamecharacters. Targeted at those who grew up playing video games, the book shows how to take the best elements from the things they love - movies, video games, television and pop culture, to transform their lives in extraordinary ways. They learn how to design their own personal Epic Quest of Awesome through sections dedicated to health, fitness, travel, and finance. For each discipline, Steven Kambleads readers through their own journey, from determining what kind of game they want to play to their financial leveling structure, their personal OriginStory (every hero has a great origin story), and what their Level 50 character will look like. He also shows them how to build their own quest lists and how to hack their productivity, habits, and will power so they build momentum. He shows readers how to build in rewards and accountability, how to add members to their party, and even find their own personal Yoda or Morpheus to help them along the way. Kamb also covers Restarts and Extra Lives, or how readers can keep going when they get scared or stuck.